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  • How to think like a business owner
  • How to launch your own online business
  • How to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity
  • How to make money online leveraging your technical skills

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Become an Online Entrepreneur

In this free course, we'll provide you with high quality curated content on entrepreneurship to help you launch your own startup. Most of the resources mentioned will be publicly available.

The course is split in the following lessons:

Lesson 0 [Introduction]: Introduction to the course and how to use it

Lesson 1 [Mindset]: Learn how to think like a Business Owner

Lesson 2 [Inspiration]: Get inspired by the possibilities of online entrepreneurship

Lesson 3 [Bootstrapping]: Get started as an online entrepreneur

Lesson 4 [Success Stories]: Find out how successful startups made it

Lesson 5 [Product]: How to validate an idea and build your product

Lesson 6 [Productivity]: Optimize your workflow and boost your productivity

Lesson 7 [Marketing]: Learn how to get the word out for your product or company

Lesson 8 [Social Media]: Leverage social media platforms to grow your business

Lesson 9 [Growth Hacking]: Turbo-boost your business's growth with clever hacks

Lesson 10 [Accounting]: Financial information that every entrepreneur should know

Lesson 11 [Web Properties]: Make money online by building web properties

Lesson 12 [Blog Hosting]: How to Start a Blog with WordPress (Step by Step Guide for Blog Hosting)

Lesson 13 [Wrap Up]: Put together all the puzzle pieces

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